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Pam Magner 2017 Remodelers Council Chair

Pam Magner
2017 Remodelers
Council Chair

August 2017 Chairperson’s Message

by Pam Magner

Just like that, back-to-school is the “season” upon us and I start daydreaming about crisp cool mornings! The heat seems like it came early this year but I’m sure August will make a play for hottest day of the year. Lately, I’ve been running from one jobsite to another hoping that my car’s air conditioner will actually be cold before I have to stop at the next one. I’m usually disappointed! I’m not, however, disappointed in the economy and how I hear everybody is booked for several weeks/months. (Unless, of course, I need to schedule them in two weeks.) I hope consumer confidence rides this wave for a long time!

Once again, we do not have a meeting in August but be sure to attend the HBAL Hog Roast on August 11 at Matt & Tracy Kleinschmit’s acreage starting at 5:30 p.m. If you are interested in learning more about Nebraska Sales and Use Tax, HBAL is offering an educational breakfast from 8:00-9:30 a.m., on August 16 at the HBAL office. The Remodelers Council Golf Tournament is on Friday, August 25 at Holmes Golf Course with a 10:00 a.m. shotgun start. There is still time to register a team.

Enjoy the warmth and abundance of summer! I hope to see you at our meeting on September 6!



Modular Ramp Installed for Lincoln Couple

In 2001, the Home Builders Association of Lincoln was asked by an employee of the Building & Safety Department to help build a ramp for a fellow city employee. Because the need was temporary, it was decided the best approach was to purchase a light-weight modular aluminum ramp which could be assembled on site and, once the ramp was no longer needed, it could be removed and stored for future use. Since then, the ramp has been used numerous times by those in need and HBAL members are quick to volunteer the man hours required to make it happen.

Members of the Remodelers Council of Lincoln last installed the modular ramp system for a Lincoln couple in 2013. This ramp was lent to the couple, one of whom was confined to a wheelchair, on a temporary basis and allowed them to enjoy the outdoors. Click here to view more photos from the installation.

The Modular Ramp is currently available. If you, or someone you know is in need of a temporary ramp, please call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225.

Remodelers Council Receives BBB Integrity Award

The Remodelers Council of Lincoln received the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award at an award ceremony at the Cornhusker Marriott on September 9, 2010. These awards focus on demonstrated ethical business practices with key stakeholders including customers, employees and community at large, rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity. The Integrity Award winners were chosen by an independent panel of business leaders and members of the academic community.

Integrity Awards Logos 2007-2017 030

“The BBB Integrity Award Winners have shown that ethics and integrity are core values of their organization,” said Jim Hegarty, president and chief executive officer, of the Better Business Bureau serving Nebraska, South Dakota and southwest Iowa. “The 2010 BBB Integrity Award Winners join an elite group of organizations that realize dealing fairly and honestly with employees, customers and partners are central to profitability and growth.”

Contractor Information on LB968

LB968 was signed by Governor Heineman on April 6, 2006. The bill, in part, repeal the sales tax on remodeling and home repair labor. Brian Senkbeil attended the signing and was given the opportunity to thank the Governor and the Senators who helped see this bill through. Appreciation was also given to the HBAL and Remodelers Council members for their time and effort to help get the sales tax repealed.

Despite the repeal of sales tax on labor on remodeling labor, there are still several instances when sales tax should be applied. To learn more about this law, click here.