President’s Message

Matt Kleinschmit

August 2017
President’s Message

by Matt Kleinschmit, HBAL President

Building relationship with good communication…

During my first interview meeting with a potential client, I explain how relationships succeed with good communication. Good communication clearly sets expectations and goals, however it also helps each other understand one’s point of view. Many times, whether at work or home, I can connect all my troubles or triumphs with how well I have been communicating.

The same can be said with one’s relationship with God. Philippians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I can tell you first hand, no matter how much I pray, I feel God is always pulling me into a deeper relationship with Him. Have you also felt this pull?

During the summer of 2009, I felt lost, wondering what my purpose in life was. I starting praying to God, asking Him what I was to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong, all was well with my family and business, I guess I was just feeling as if my life did not account for much. As I started to pray, I found my relationship with God growing in each moment, all the while not realizing God’s plan was in motion.

Just a few months later, a close friend and contractor of mine fell from a great height and ended up in a coma. Thinking about my relationship with him on a personal and business level, I felt the need to be there for his family and help them cope with all the hurt and pain they were experiencing. Could this be my purpose in life, to console others? We prayed together both at the hospital and church for God’s healing power. Unfortunately, my friend never woke up from the coma. Not understanding God’s intention, I started looking for reasons why this happened. I determined that as I was praying with the family, my own relationship with God was deepening. In a sense, through this communication of prayer, He was pulling me in closer.

Fast forward another month, I found myself being invited to a three-night retreat at my church. I always felt a pull to attend a retreat, but typically found myself coming up with excuses. I felt if it was not work or family related, I would just have to pass. Well this retreat was unique because it was open for the entire family to attend. As a result, I was left with no excuses. 🙂

As we attended the first day of the retreat you would never guess what I experienced! The retreat was about the Sacred Heart of Jesus illustrating God’s love pouring out to each one of us. At the end of the evening, I felt the need to go to the front of church and gaze upon a large portrait of the Sacred Heart. I vividly remember taking my twin boys with me, and as I wrestled them to stand next to me, I remember turning my head toward the picture and looking at Jesus right in the eye. At this very moment, I heard His voice saying “Do not be afraid I will take care of you. You do not have to work so hard. I will provide for you.” Looking around me in astonishment, I tried to figure out where these comments came from. As I mentioned before, all had been going well with me, my family and my business.

(Ok, in hindsight I did have something going on. The week prior to the retreat, my wife Tracy had mentioned that she might be pregnant. As startling as this was, since we already had five children, we were able to dismiss the idea as a false alarm.)

On the way home, Tracy brought up the pregnancy thought again. As I don’t appreciate much drama, I suggested we take a pregnancy test when we got home.

Moments before the test, Tracy and I were feeling hesitant of another child. Despite our hesitation, we prayed to God and consented to His Will. As you might have guessed, the test was beaming positive and it was this moment I made the connection of God’s message to me three days earlier: “Don’t be afraid I will provide for you.”

You might think the story ends here, however in many ways, it was just starting. Tracy scheduled a doctor’s appointment on Friday to confirm the pregnancy. Wanting to be certain all was good and we were only having one child, I met Tracy at the appointment. When the doctor said there was only one baby, I remember stating the fact that we also have twins and that it might be best for us all if she looked around one more time. As the doctor reminded me she delivered the twins, I was assured there was only one baby, however she requested we come back in on Monday for a follow-up visit.

Feeling excited to be living out God’s Will, and that His Will was only one child 🙂 , we decided to visit our parents over the weekend. The visit was typical, however there was a moment on Sunday when I felt a feeling of PEACE. Some people may feel peace every day and others may never feel it, but I can tell you I have only felt Peace this one time. The feeling of Peace is Heavenly. It is when you place everything into God’s hands and have no concern, stress or anxiety. I am convinced Peace is God’s intention for each one of us during every moment of our life.

Coming off this spiritual high, Monday came and Tracy was off to the doctor’s appointment. Knowing all is good, and there is only one baby, I decided to stay at work. This is truly when God’s plan for me was revealed! I remember sitting at my computer when the phone rang. When I answered, all I heard was screaming on the other end. Yep, it was Tracy yelling out “TRIPLETS!” The conversation lasted about 20 seconds, and as I hung up, I remember looking up and seeing a vision of God’s face. He had this huge smile that beamed from ear to ear. You can relate to this smile if you have saved up all year to buy a gift for your loved one, a gift that they have been asking for a very long time. As they open the gift, you can not bear the excitement of the unveiling as you display the biggest smile on your face.

As I look back, I realize it was through my decision to pray and through God’s Will of my friend’s death to pull me in closer, that my relationship with God deepened. As a result of this open communication with God, I was able to hear His voice, feel His peace and see His happiness as He prepared me for a special gift of the triplets. Now leading a family of ten, I realize my purpose in life is to be a witness to family life with my one and only goal of getting my children to Heaven.

As I share my story, I hope to inspire you to build upon your relationships with good communication/prayer as you interact with your family, fellow workers and/or clients but most importantly with your God who yearns to be with you.

God Bless,


Please feel welcome to join me on August 12th as I celebrate God’s gift of family.