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Rick Willet 2018 Remodelers Council Chair

Rick Willet
2018 Remodelers
Council Chair

April 2018 Chairperson’s Message

by Rick Willet

What a great time of year it is! Spring time and warmer weather bring forth trees blossoming, green grass and flowers blooming. Most of us will experience more job leads than we can handle. Potential customers are now excited to do “something” to their house or property. Exterior work is in full swing as well as additions, decks, sunrooms, landscaping, yardwork and much more. As a service oriented company like yours, it is easy to get caught up in the overabundance of work and high demands from people. Customers want us to hold meetings in the evenings or weekends so they don’t have to take off work. Many also have deadlines that coincide with the main event this time of year: graduation parties. With such high demands, it can be easy to work 60 – 80 hour weeks or more. If we are not careful, we can miss our own opportunity to spend time with family and friends enjoying the great spring weather. My suggestion is to “take time to smell the roses” so to speak. Make sure you are managing your schedule, and not the schedule managing you. You will be a happier person, and if you are happy, your customers will be happy. It becomes contagious.

Thanks to Architectural Glassart for hosting our March meeting. They are so artistic and do amazing work. They make it look so easy to do, but we all know they are true craftsmen in working with glass.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday, April 4th, Tim Faller with Remodelers Advantage will be speaking.
  • April 28th & 29th, Tour of Remodeled Homes.



Modular Ramp Currently Available

The Modular Ramp is currently available. If you, or someone you know is in need of a temporary ramp, please call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225.

In 2001, the Home Builders Association of Lincoln was asked by an employee of the Building & Safety Department to help build a ramp for a fellow city employee. Because the need was temporary, it was decided the best approach was to purchase a light-weight modular aluminum ramp which could be assembled on site and, once the ramp was no longer needed, it could be removed and stored for future use. Since then, the ramp has been used numerous times by those in need and HBAL members are quick to volunteer the man hours required to make it happen.

Members of the Remodelers Council of Lincoln last installed the modular ramp system for a Lincoln couple in 2013. This ramp was lent to the couple, one of whom was confined to a wheelchair, on a temporary basis and allowed them to enjoy the outdoors. Click here to view more photos from the installation.