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Rick Willet 2018 Remodelers Council Chair

Rick Willet
2018 Remodelers
Council Chair

May 2018 Chairperson’s Message

by Rick Willet

Our thanks to Tim Faller of Remodelers Advantage for his presentation about accountability at our April meeting. Tim shared many tips and advice each of us can learn from and apply. Personally I liked his four steps to accountability:

1) See it   2) Own it   3) Solve it   4) Do it.

All four of these require an action on our part. Applying these actions is easier said than done. But when all four are completed, great improvements can and usually will happen. We have all heard that “actions speak louder than words.” We should all strive to not only “talk the talk,” but to “walk the walk.” May each of us let our actions be our way of gaining respect of our peers, customers and coworkers. As members of the Remodelers Council, we should set the standard of accountability at a high level to serve our community well.

Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday, May 2, Remodelers Council meeting and lunch at Counter Culture
  • May 13 – 20, Spring Parade of Homes



Modular Ramp Currently Available

The Modular Ramp is currently available. If you, or someone you know is in need of a temporary ramp, please call the HBAL office at 402-423-4225.

In 2001, the Home Builders Association of Lincoln was asked by an employee of the Building & Safety Department to help build a ramp for a fellow city employee. Because the need was temporary, it was decided the best approach was to purchase a light-weight modular aluminum ramp which could be assembled on site and, once the ramp was no longer needed, it could be removed and stored for future use. Since then, the ramp has been used numerous times by those in need and HBAL members are quick to volunteer the man hours required to make it happen.

Members of the Remodelers Council of Lincoln last installed the modular ramp system for a Lincoln couple in 2013. This ramp was lent to the couple, one of whom was confined to a wheelchair, on a temporary basis and allowed them to enjoy the outdoors. Click here to view more photos from the installation.